Faded lab with NMC

My peoples from day one still showin me luv💯👊


Audio dope🔊💉

"Grind for all this shit, I ain’t ever fall for that bitch
Cause picking up the feather from a lovebird
Is like a medicine ball to that bitch
We’ll bring Gucci bag in this bitch
And you know what’s stashed in that bitch
These niggas walk around with they chests out
Like Janet Jackson and shit
I’m sweatin’ grindin’ this bitch, I need a shrine in this bitch
Fuck double O seven, I work twenty-four seven
Ain’t got time to bond with no bitch
Heard Jay-Z got a new Cognac, where to find that shit?
The weed sticky, grind that shit
Where I got it from? Nevermind that shit"
Lil wayne (via ftrouge)

Have you ever had someone do something nice for you and then they go and ruin it by something they do or say?